Monday, August 20, 2012

Brakes part deaux

Two weeks back we did Brother in Law's disc brakes.  We'd have done the drums that weekend too, but we di'int have no instructions. No matter how much we beat it, that drum wasn't coming off. Then the next weekend I had to go fishing, never mind I didn't catch nothing, it was paramount that I be there to catch nothing. If I didn't do it who would? Those fish were not going to get not caught by themselves.

In the interim, the intertubes came to the rescue and the repair manual for BIL's car arrived.
Who knew there was a hub nut under the little silver cap that was actually holding the drum in place?
(k, well, at least one of us, but I'm not pointing any fingers)
A 30mm socket and a 24" breaker bar removed that impediment in short order.
Rebuilding brake drums sucks with a Capital S, but I have to hand it to the Ford engineers.  Rebuilding BIL's drum brakes on his Ford Focus only sucked with a lower case s.
On any new and unfamiliar shade tree drum brake job the first wheel takes about 4 hours.  The second wheel takes about thirty minutes because you have climbed the learning curve and crested the top.
I'm still pissed at Ford about the forward bolt on the wheel cylinder...really? 8.5 degrees of room to turn the bolt and no axial access. Hint, it's called a hole large enough for an 8mm socket you MORONS.
I'm ok, I feel better now.
The only pic I have is the before pic.  This is probably the most important step in the process. It prevents scratching your head with brake dust encrusted fingers when it's time for all those springs to go back together.

Then.   It RAINED.
Fortunately, we were done, inside drinking beer and watching Act of Valor on pay per view.


  1. All automobile engineers should be required to disassemble and reassemble a vehicle from the ground up. But then I believe all presidents should serve in the military and be patriots.

    Never mind.

  2. All engineers period should be made to work on cars. (Contractors too) My son has a couple of scars on his scalp from sticking his head on shock bolts. He's got his chops from driveway crawling.
    He's in the mechanical engineering program at UH. He's going to be a great engineer.
    +1 on the military service for presidents. hello? Commander in Chief?
    right now, I'll settle for anyone that knows how to run a business. (and turn a profit)


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