Friday, August 31, 2012

History Repeats Itself

In the '80's there were two recessions that I experienced personally. (I was off planet for the next two :-)) After 4.5 years of college, I graduated in the summer of '82, smack dab in the middle of a recession.  I took the first job I could find.  I got a leg up from a friend of my fiance's parents.  Five dollars and seventy-five cents an hour that job paid.  There's some prosperity rat thar.
By '86 I'd moved up a bit and things were getting better.  Our Sage and Wise congress decided that the real estate tax laws needed to be fucked over some revision and it was like someone had accidentally bumped the economy switch to OFF.  The little architectural firm I worked for went from 25 people to 8 in fairly short order. Having worked my ass off at every job I ever had since I was 15, I was in the 8.

I posted, in a whimsical way about this a short while ago. I can't recall which of those two '80's recessions in which it occurred, but we had 250 cars a day arriving in the Houston area that weren't leaving.

Today, on the way home slogging through traffic, it seemed that every 5th car had an out of state licenses plate.
Welcome to Texas.
I joked about this before, but not now.  The reason you left where you were and came here was liberal politics.
It didn't work there.  It won't work here.
Grow up.
Get over it.


  1. Noticed the same thing over the past few weeks. While we were heading back south from your area, on Sunday, I joked with the wife about the "Carpet bagger Yankees" invading our great state. She said that plate I was reffering to was from Georgia. I told her that if they were west of El Paso, north of Ok or east of the Mississippi, they may not be Yankees, but they were still carpet baggers.
    Joking aside, I am amazed by the amaount of out of state plates I have seen lately.

    1. Let's hope they stop talking about how things were so much better "back home" and assimilate quickly.
      I worry about political pollution.

  2. I spent a lot of the last 3 weeks driving all over the coastal bend area, and I agree. Seeing it just as bad as the mid 80s.

    I even saw Hawaii plates in Corpus.

    1. Hawaii. Good Lord.
      I spotted a new foreign consulate plate on a car headed into my neighborhood. Thank God it was on a Toyota and not a Mercedes. Diplomatic immunity in an auto accident is a lose-lose proposition for an ordinary citizen.
      And, they bring their third world driving habits with them. Most annoying.


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