Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator Sold His Soul

Dan Patrick, former television sports announcer and radio personality. Dan bought a radio station, KSEV, in Houston, and became a conservative opinion leader for the Houston Metroplex.
Dan excoriated and vilified David Dewhurst, lieutenant Governor of Texas on the airwaves over Dewhurst's liberal politics for years.
Dan, so it appeared, had his fill and threw his hat into the ring to run for a state senate seat a few years back, to do something about the liberal politics in this state.
Dan won his first election bid 75/25.
In this election cycle, Dan endorsed David Dewhurst, the same man he vilified a few scant years ago.
(this is my quizzical dog face)
I heard Dan on KSEV just the other day, talking about the Cruz / Douchebag Senate race, trying to soft pedal his endorsement.  To paraphase: Cruz, Dewhurst, both are good canidates, however you want to vote, is ok with me, be the ball Danny, I'm a veg)
What was so important Dan? Such a huge issue that you would sell your soul to David Dewhurst and endorse him? (does he have unseemly photos of you Dan?)
I voted for you, in the past.
You've lost my vote.
BTW, Cruz beat your BFF by 12 points, inspite of Douchebag spending $20 mill of his own money.
On the brighter side, maybe this will put a serious dent in Douchbag's next  bid for Lieutenant Governor.
I'd be totally ok with that.
Dan Patrick's political days are numbered. Hope the radio gig is working out ok.
Oh, Mac in the morning sucks, just a helpful parting comment.


  1. I vote KX59 to be our next State Senator.

    1. He can't... his wife has too many skeletons in her closet.. ;-)


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