Sunday, March 6, 2011

Cleaning out the Armory

For whatever reason, I have been having shooting on the brain.

I still love darts, but the problem with dart shooting is that it requires being in a bar, with second hand smoke.  Now, don't think that I'm one of those non smokers that look down on the masses for smoking, because I'm not.  What I am is a former smoker desperately trying to become a non smoker.  I succeeded for over a year and then picked them back up again when I started playing darts again.

There is something that is innately uplifting when I aim at a target and fire (whether it's my arm as the gun or a gun or even a bow) and ultimately hitting said target.  The fact of the matter is, I enjoy aiming and shooting at things.

So, I've been thinking of heading back to the firing range but needed to clean out the closet and check out the guns.

My husband has a 12 gauge shotgun (not sure what model), a really nice Baretta A2 20 semi automatic shotgun (which needs work) and a very beautiful Remington 870 (which I will probably adopt as my own).  He also has a little .22 and a pellet gun and a BB gun.

Unfortunately (smirk) the only thing that I have in my arsenal is a 1941 SVT 40 which I need to have cleaned up and am considering selling it.  I also have a bunch of ammo for it as well, which is god knows how old and I'm pretty certain that I need to get rid of it.

I'm considering in the very near future, purchasing my very first handgun.  The only handgun I have ever fired was a Smith & Wesson, semi auto .45.  It was a beautiful gun, but I would like something that is a little smoother to shoot.

Now, I don't want some small, wimpy gun but I am leaning toward a .9mm but I'm not sure if I want a Smith & Wesson, a Glock or a Baretta.  I know that when the time comes and I decide to buy, it will be a gun that when I pick it up, it speaks to me.  It's like that with any kind of weapon, it has to feel at home in your hands, you have to form a partnership with it and it has to become an extension of you.

So, I'm asking for any suggestions.  Oh and before anyone suggests that I take safety classes in both handguns and shotguns, that is a definite 'must do' on my agenda.  You never know, I may join a shooting team at some point.


  1. If you're wanting smoother, a 9mm is not the way to go. You'll need something with a bit of weight to it--it's going to be a trade off. The Taurus Millenium Pro .45 is quite nice to shoot. You might think a little more upscale also and look at a Sig. If you're wanting a carry gun that's concealable, there's a whole other can of worms.

  2. The thing that I really want is something that will feel right in my small hands. The Smith & Wesson .45 that I shot years ago was nice, but the grip was too wide and it didn't feel quite right. I'm sure that I'll find something that will suit my fancy.

    I'll look into the Taurus and Sig. Thanks!!

    It will probably be a few months before I am ready to buy, am thinking that it will be a nice birthday present from the hubby to me. (he never has to worry about buying a birthday present for me, I just go get what I want and say, "Thanks honey!")

  3. try a standard 1911. There are many makes, but they all have the same slim, single stack grip. many women shoot these better because they have smaller hands. A lot of ladies go for the 9mm thinking it will be less recoil, but that is not always true. Many 9mm firearms have snappier recoil than a .45. Mass (weight) and grip size have more effect on felt recoil than the cartridge (with exceptions, of course).

    If you can, find a range that rents pistols and try them before you buy them.

  4. My husband was suggesting the same thing, and I will look into a 1911.

    The recoil on the .45 that I shot years ago wasn't bad, it was definitely the size of the grip which made me feel uncomfortable. Uncomfortable isn't even the right word for it.

    Anyway, thanks for the advice and thanks for reading!


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