Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Never let a crisis go to waste........

Apparently that's status quo for the government now days.  Never to let a crisis go to waste, grab all the power and money that any bad event will scare the public enough to allow.

Tragedy struck for 4 families in Houston a few weeks ago when an in home daycare center burned down.  The fire killed 4 small children and 2 were injured badly.

Licensed daycare owner, Jessica Tata had left something cooking on the stove and left the kids alone while she went shopping.  Tata fled the country to Nigeria but was tracked down by the US Marshall and flushed out of hiding by Nigerian residents.

Tata was extradited back to the States where she was held in Atlanta for a couple of days before being extradited back to Houston where she faces multiple charges including manslaughter, child abandonment and child endangerment.

Houston City Council isn't going to let this tragedy go to waste.  They are going to start charging an annual fee to daycare centers of around $150.00 for extra fire inspections (once a year rather than every other year) and annual inspections by Child Protective Services (which CPS inspects daycare centers every other year as well).

While it's hard for me to argue against inspecting daycare centers more often, I can't help but to think that the city is just using this as a money grab.  The fact of the matter is, the fire wasn't started because of faulty wiring or unsafe conditions or fire hazards.  It was started because an idiotic woman left 6 toddlers alone while leaving something cooking on the stove.

More inspections will not prevent this from happening again.

Either way, I hope Jessica Tata goes to prison for a very long time.  If they gave her the needle, I wouldn't mind one bit.


  1. What bore is "the needle"? :-)

  2. ...waving goodbye to Jessica, "Ta TAA"
    I'd call her a maroon for such horrific neglect, but, that would be defaming Bugs Bunny.


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