Friday, March 25, 2011

Earth Hour may be losing steam as novelty wears off, expert says

Earth Hour may be losing steam as novelty wears off, expert says

Okay, do they really think that this is going to help anything? Seriously. They turn off their lights to 'protest climate change'. Are you freaking kidding me?

Maybe Earth Hour is losing steam because people are starting to re-think the steaming pile of shit that the scientific community has been feeding us for years.

George Carlin had something to say about it....  and he's right!


  1. George Carlin was a lefty anarchist, who became dark and angry after his wife passed away. (I understand) But, he was hysterical and wicked-smart funny.
    And I like the world a little less with him no longer in it. Thanks for the memories. gfa

  2. I did my part for Earth Hour.

    I recycled some lead wheelweights into shiny new bullets for my .44 Special, and recycled some old brass casings into shiny new ones with some gunpowder and primers and, of course, my shiny newly cast bullets.

    Then, I loaded up in my full-size Chevy truck and drove twenty-something miles to the shooting range. Along the way, I contributed to some badly needed CO2 levels to help all the surrounding trees grow a little more comfortably.

    On the way home, I stopped by a favorite BBQ joint where I took some delicious sliced brisket, consumed it, emitted a small amount of methane gas to help balance out all that CO2 my truck was emitting, then once home, I biologically recycled that sliced brisket in my eco-friendly 1.5 gallon toilet.

    All in all, I'm pretty satisfied I did my part for Earth Hour.

    --An Ordinary American


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