Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hypocrisy still lives..........

Why is it that when Bush started bombing Iraq it wasn't okay, the media focused on how many civilians were killed during the bombings?

I remember the screams of us going at it alone, which of course we weren't, we had quite a few allies helping us out.

Is the media not worried about possible civilian casualties while Queen (yes I called him the queen, he is after all attending garden parties) Obama bombs Lybia?  Are they so naive that they think that there is no collateral damage this time?

Of course these are all rhetorical questions.

When we went into Iraq, the media was all up in arms over us not having UN approval, never mind that the UN Security Council had reasons of their own for not wanting to oust Saddam.  Remember Oil for Food?

We went into Iraq for the same reasons that we are bombing Lybia, to get rid of a tyrant.  Somehow, it's okay this time and not the last.



  1. Where is that woman... Cindy Sheehan, was it? Wasn't she all against the US being at war? We are involved with 50% more wars, now.

  2. The Progressive ship of state is taking on water.

  3. North beat me to it in reference to Mama Sheehan. .

    My fellow Texan, you should know that if W or his daddy or Uncle Ronald did it, it was all for oil and us greedy capitalists.

    But if the great Kenyan imposter or the Great Lover of Interns did it, it was for solely pure and humanitarian and above reproach motives.

    Thus sayeth our Blamestream Media and the loony lapdogs that beg for tidbits and handouts from them.

    Ever since my military days in the 70's and 80's, I've maintained that "liberal" was synonymous with "cowardice."

    As you point out, I think it has now also become glaringly obvious that it is synonymous with "hypocrisy" as well.

    Such a multi-faceted word, "liberal" is: Cowardice, hypocrite, pacifist, logically challenged, employment aversive, results resistant, honorphobic (I made that one up), etc etc.

    I do believe you've stumbled upon something!




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