Monday, March 14, 2011

Stop it already........

Today I was on my way to the doctor, listening to local talk radio.  The news was on and there was a story about the possibility of a spelling bee for black kids only.  Then there is a sound bite of some woman saying that she believes that this will give black kids an opportunity to participate in a spelling bee that may not have a chance otherwise.

WTF is that THAT all about?  Are they not allowing black kids to enter spelling bees these days?  It seems to me that any kid can enter a spelling bee at their school and the winners move on at a district level, then city level, then state level, then it's on to the national spelling bee contest.

So my question is, why the segregation?  Why do black kids have to be separated and have their own spelling bee?  This does not send a positive message to the kids at all.  What it says is that black kids can't compete with kids of other races because they aren't as smart.  That idea of course is NOT true at all, but that IS the message that they are sending.

Is this really good for kids' self esteem?  Is this really good for race relations?  I think not.

Liberalism really IS a mental disorder.


  1. In Dayton, Ohio, the city was ordered by the Justice Department to LOWER their testing score requirements so that "more blacks could qualify and become police officers."

    Liberals' solution never includes lifting anyone up, but rather dumbing everyone else down.

    Of course, I blame that on the fact that liberals are incapable of lifting THEMSELVES up. And since misery loves company. . .

  2. Thank you for commenting. Love your blog and I enjoyed your article about Dayton!

    Yes it's ashame that the idiots in government think that they have to lower standards to accommodate those they feel are less than.

    Want something efficient? Keep it in the private sector, government is the most inefficient waste there is and unfortunately, its nature is to grow.


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