Saturday, May 18, 2013

Ammo Shopping

Dalllas Area blogshoot III is coming up next weekend.
I've scrounged a box of 9mm the few times I've hit the pistol range over the past few months.

Periodically I've been checking Gunbot and cringing at the prices and out of stock notifications.
Things seem to be settling down a little, or should I say my fellow Americans seem to be freaking out and hoarding a little less.  Prices are still high, but availability seems to be improving.

You can have spare time or money, but typically not both at the same time. As the glacial pace of blog posts attests here at BAR, spare time has been nonexistent.  Money on the other hand is less of an issue as long as I don't collapse from fatigue.*

So I bit the bullet and ordered some .223 and 9mm for the shoot next weekend.

* My mantra for the next week: "I will not stress about work at the blogshoot. I will not stress about work at the blogshoot. I will not stress about work at the blogshoot".  I figure if I repeat that to myself about ten thousand times over the next week it might work. The copious amount of recoil therapy at the shoot is sure to help.


  1. +1 on the spare time problems. Being at basically half staff during the busiest time of year is starting to annoy me much. On the positive side I don't have time to shoot up my ammo supply... if I can call that a positive.

  2. KX59,

    We'll try our best to keep you too busy to have time to stress.

    I've been hitting the stores pretty often and have some in most pistol calibers; except .40 - I own nothing in that caliber, yet.

    I always thought of it as a triangle; energy, time, & money. Pick any two and the third is usually in short supply.

  3. I saw on the book face that Freedom Munitions got in 150,000 rds .223 55gr


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