Sunday, May 26, 2013

My Cat the Assassin

I'm wallowing in self pity today as Kx and offspring are at DABIII without me there.  It seems that I developed a bit of a stomach bug Friday night and felt awful all day Saturday but I do feel a little better today.

I'm really hoping that everyone is having the great time that I had anticipated having, as I know that everyone that I've met previously are simply wonderful people and I'm just sad that I'm not there to partake in some therapeutic shooty goodness.

The culprit?  I'm thinking that it's Miss Kitty.

You see, this crazy feline loves to stick her nasty paw in my water glass when I'm not looking and then lick the cold water from her paw.  It would be cute, however, if I don't know she's doing it well, ill effects are sure to follow.

Some time back I was getting sick about once every couple of weeks.  One day I had stepped away and when I came back, I caught her in the act. She really drives me crazy sometimes.

My dear friend, Amber informed me that she thinks that Miss Kitty is an assassin and is trying to kill me.  Considering her lack of affection for anyone with two legs unless she's hungry, I'm prone to believe it!

Take care y'all and will catch you Dallas Area Bloggers at the next shoot!!

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  1. Hope you get to feeling better soon. Being down sick is no fun and over a long weekend; serious lack of joy.

    You were missed this weekend.


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