Sunday, May 5, 2013

No NRA for YOU!

Well, more
Belle and I thought we'd at least hit the exhibitions on Saturday. I mean, really, it was in our backyard for crikey's sake.
Instead, I worked. And worked, and worked Saturday. Sunday was better. I only worked.
I'm still not caught up from this past week.
This is getting old.
Now I'm off to read my favorite bloggers to get a vicarious thrill from their NRA convention posts.


  1. Sorry to hear it.
    I made it on Fri.
    Kids wanted to go saf but all the walking on fri killed my knee.
    Thurs I met JayG, Evil Robot, Weerd, Nancy, Jennifer, Kevin Baker, Ambulance Driver, Awolewynt, and a bunch more I can't recall.

    Now I just need to meet my blog neighbors at some point.

    1. Saw your post. I'm green with envy. Well not green actually, more sort of a pasty white but...well, you get the point :-)

  2. KX59,

    Don't feel like the Lone Stranger; didn't make it either and while it isn't in my backyard, it's fair to say its in the next town over (give or take a couple of hours).

    Think we might have a couple of new folks at the Blogshoot May 26th so we can add to the list of bloggers we've met. Hate missing out on meeting so many of the bloggers from the N.E. though.


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