Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Silence is sometimes frustrating

Yes I know that I've been pretty silent these past months here on BAR.  The fact of the matter is I've been doing other things (as TBG hinted) and basically have just stuck my head in the sand.

Part of the reason for this is that I'm angry.  So angry that a part of me doesn't trust myself to blog about it because I don't really feel like going through an IRS audit (said tongue in cheek... sort of).

I'm angry that I constantly feel the need to have to explain to buttheads WHY I have a right, endowed by my creator, to defend my own life, and lives of those whom I value.

I'm angry that my government wants to make it has hard as possible for me to defend myself.

I'm angry that my country, which was once the land of opportunity and promise, is now becoming the land of blockades and excuses.

I'm angry that we've allowed grown men and women become more and more dependent on the state, and less motivated to rise above the bondage of dependency to a level of personal achievement and success.

I'm angry that our society has determined that it's okay to just get by, that it's okay to shirk responsibility, that it's uncool to work hard to make a living rather than keeping with the values that we are each responsible for our own actions, that we alone are the determinors of our own fate.

I'm angry for the fact that I am constantly forced, by the point of a gun, to give my earned money to those who neither earned it, nor deserve it.

I'm angry that my (and i say that loosely) President is incompetent and corrupt, yet isn't forced to take responsiblity for his failings.

I'm angry that in an effort to sway public opinion about guns that this administration allowed guns to go across the border and then lost track of them.

I'm angry that this adminstration allowed terrorists to overrun our embassy and then LIED about it so that Obama would get re-elected.

I'm angry this administration has wire tapped the press (though it's comical to watch the media defend it while feigning outrage).

I'm angry that the second party couldn't find someone better than Mittens to oppose him.

I'm angry that....................  ugh!!!

See???    This is why I've been silent, I really haven't had many positive to things to say lately so I figured that silence was better.

Now that I've gotten that off my chest....   well not all of it but  a lot of it....    I am ready to resurface...   maybe.....  

I know one thing is for certain.........   DAB III Can't get here fast enough!!



  1. You pretty much sum up my feelings, too. And you just get so burned up that all you can do is splutter, blog-wise.

  2. Southern Belle,

    Don't feel like you are the only one out there; I know my blog content has suffered because I've not been able to write without using 'sentence enhancers'.

    Trying to wrap my mind around the idea of writing anyways; letting others know the temper of the people, the frustration that is boiling up in so many.

    Looking forward to DAB III in so many ways I can't even describe. The friendships, the recoil therapy; much needed.

  3. Easy there, Turbo...

    When you start getting all bunged up with rage you need to follow Uncle Jay's Calming Mantra...

    Visualize a calm and serene beach scene...
    A warm clean ocean breeze, calm cool clear water...
    Look down in the water- you see the face of your antagonist, the source of your ire, as you hold his head under the water...
    As the struggling stops your can release the body to the waiting sharks to be shredded limb from limb...
    Now sit back in the cool water, and anjoy a long sip from a rum beverage...
    Now, doesn't that feel better?

    1. lol.. TBG, I 1/2 expected a giant dead whale to be in that story.. *wink*... but yes much better...

      Bob - Yes I agree about the recoil therapy. I am looking forward to being very sore and bruised in the shoulder come Monday.

      Proudhillbilly - I'm glad that I'm not the only one that's really frustrated out here, but when the Belle is frustrated into months of silence? Something's wrong.

  4. I'm with ya, and I've not been ignoring what is going on. And my bp is up because of it!
    I found that doing what I can do - writing and calling the gummint, speaking to anyone who will listen, letting it out helps me.
    And, yes, in spite of that I remain frustrated.
    But I can't just sit here.

    We all hang together or we all hang separately.



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