Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I Found That to be Quite Cathartic

Belle's post that is.
It's why I've not bothered to post about Global Worming, or Politics, or the Gun Grabbers, or the recent Scandals,  since the last Presidential election.
I'm still not sure that I really give a shit anymore.  Just enough folks in our half of the political spectrum elected to vote Libertarian, or not bother to vote at all that The Won got a second term. 3% or so.
3 effing percent.
We hang together, or we hang separately.
Good job morons.
Those of you that are actual opinion leaders out there in the blogosphere should be more careful about what you write.  Such as, " well my state is going republican anyway so I'm going to vote my conscience and vote Libertarian."   Meanwhile Cletus in a swing state reads that and sez "hell yeah, me too!" while dribbling a bit of beer as he feels under his ass for the remote.

On a more positive note; it appears my egregiously expensive order of .223 will arrive in advance of our departure for DAB III.

I'm beginning to feel all better again. I do believe I've reconnected with my inner child  asshole.
The BAR editorial board can go fuck themselves.
And I mean that in the most politically correct and loving way :-)

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  1. I try real hard to be understanding of my friends who took a pass on voting for Mitt. I even agree withsome of their reasoning and many of their gripes. But there did seem to be quite a lot of "rejecting the good in search of the perfect" going on.

    It was like "he's not Reagan so I'm not voting for him". I'm not so sure even Reagan could have made them happy.


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