Sunday, June 2, 2013

A (not so) friendly note to the 2nd Amendment Foundation

Particularly to the telemarketer named "Travis" that squeezed one last call in juuust before 9pm.
Travis, I was actually in bed wanting nothing more than to attempt to recover from a horrible work week earning money so I have the wherewithal to support just short of half the country with my tax dollars  and still have something to donate to the 2A foundation.
Asking me to get out of bed, and get my credit card did not sit that well with me.  In particular, when I declined, your comment that, "well, I wouldn't want you to over exert yourself", frankly pissed me off.

Travis, go fuck yourself.

And to the 2A Foundation:  You guys need to screen your callers better. A pushy dickhead on the other end of my phone line does not particularly motivate me to open my wallet.  Particularly when they insult me personally.


  1. That's ridiculous... Calling me to ask for money, even if I support whatever the cause is, is already starting off with me on the wrong foot. When you add rudeness or smartass to the mix and it will be a very short and probably profane conversation.

  2. I go to bed at 8 pm sometimes if I go on the clock, either by call out or in place, after midnight. My family has learned not to call them, woe be the telemarketer that does.

    You handled that pretty well, and I hope the message clearly gets back to them as an organization.

  3. Letter to president. That's inexcusable. Just keep an eye out on stuff mailed to you and on your credit card if you donate through that. I had a group that I had given to in past years send me a bill for a donation they said I had pledged over the phone. Except that at the date and time they had as having received the pledge I was on vacation 600 miles away. Needless to say, they haven't gotten a penny from me since.

  4. I'm a big fan of the organization. But, thankfully, they don't (and won't) have my telephone number.
    I spent over 30 years on the telephone as an investigator, for myself and corporations, and cannot imagine such rudeness.

  5. I'm on the DNC list for 2 years now but I still get a lot of unsolicited calls. And I agree with you, a stranger asking for my bank details is not a great idea at all.

    With such calls, I report them to and post their number for people to see.

  6. Yeah, that would definitely warrant an actual letter in the mail to the president and/or board of directors. It's probably not even a SAF employee but more likely, they farm those calls out to a call center and that place may actually have a couple of anti-gun employees who think that it's great fun to insult the members of a customer group that they personally disagree with.


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