Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Left a Ruger Sr9c mag in the inside pouch of my travel bag.
TSA found it for me.
Fortunately it was empty.
That went better than I had anticipated.
Mag is in the mail headed home, I'm on my way to Nashville.


  1. Hoooo boy. Made you the most popular guy of the day, I bet.

    1. Probably so in actuality. If you think about how many boring hours, day after day, the TSA spends looking at people's underwear and "personal massagers", this probably generated a bit of conversation around the water cooler later.

  2. Curious how 'bad' it was...
    The time they found the spent casing (from my day of shooting w/y'all) in my carry-on, the 'agent' who found it acted like it was radioactive... the Supervisor said just to log it and send me on my way.
    No muss, no fuss. Didn't even take my name.
    I think it depends on attitudes (yours and the agents) sometimes...


    1. surprisingly not bad. I'm sure things would have been much different had that mag been loaded.
      They asked to search my bag to which I replied sure no problem. My eyebrows just about shot off my forehead when that mag came out of that inside pocket, but I remained calm, mostly thinking "hmmm, probably not going to make that meeting in Nashville."
      The TSA agents remained calm. The cop remained calm. I got escorted to the mail kiosk to mail the mag home and I was on my way in about 15 minutes.

  3. I would consider purchasing a bag dedicated to the range as to avoid a similar incident (or worse) in the future.

    Safe travels!

    1. Oh, I have a very nice range bag. But I had way more ammo than it would carry when I went up to Dallas for the blog shoot.
      I swept that bag twice for loose rounds, but neglected to check that inside zippered pocket.

  4. First, an empty mag? Either the sign of a good day or bad practice.
    (I keep most of my mags loaded; of course I don't have near enough mags)

    Second, TSA actually found it? I'm surprised.

    1. I keep several loaded, I have many. Thank God the one in the bag wasn't one of loaded ones.

      I'm sure that mag lit up the x-ray nice and bright.
      probably woke up the dude behind the monitor.


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