Thursday, June 13, 2013

World War Z

Another behind the curve book review. Well, not much of a review actually. This is completely analysis free.
I picked it up in an airport bookstore last week.  I got done with my meetings early-ish and had a 7:30pm flight.  I read half the book while cooling my heels in the airport.  I really like the survivor interview format of the book. I read another 1/4 of it this evening and find I haz a sad because I'm almost done with it.
I give it two thumbs up.
I did see a movie trailer for World War Z the other day and the Sonnage and I will be going to see it in an actual movie theater. I'm looking forward to that.  I rarely do movies in a bonified movin piture theater.
The only thing that gives me pause about the trailer was the zombies were moving rather fast (think cheetah) in the trailer, which they did not do in the book. So I have my fingers crossed that Hole-e-wood hasn't totally screwed up another good story.


  1. They have. WWZ (Book) was a great history that spanned a lot of time. WWZ (Movie) is like 2 days long.

    From what I heard, the only thing common between the book and movie is the title, and that there are zombies in both.

  2. Have not read the book myself, but my son has. He gave me the same comparison of the movie and book. We are going to see it, but he does not have high hopes for the movie.

  3. Read the book and enjoyed it. Holding out a slim hope the movie won't be as bad as everyone is saying; every indication so far say the movie is nothing like the book.


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