Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Zen of Driving Traffic

"Zen" might a bit of a stretch.  Try this; repeat after me, "oooMMMM, oooMMM". No? Not working?
The Big Guy captures most of the thoughts that pass through my mind on my daily commute.
Except for one.

Years ago, I was at a red light with a lady in and SUV in front of me in the right lane.  A semi was in the middle lane to our left. 80,000 lb. blind spot.
I'm running late and fuming,  "If you hadn't been such a slow poke, I could be making my right on the red at least, and might make it back from lunch on time".
The light turns green and the semi shifts into granny gear and gets one revolution out of the wheels, to my left.  SUV lady starts to go and hits the brakes hard.   WTF?!  IT DOESN'T GET ANY GREENER!
 A garbage truck blew through the red light coming from left to right well above the speed limit, completely blocked from view by the Semi, clearing SUV lady's front bumper by a foot or so.
I don't know how she felt, but I think I had an out of body experience.

Occasionally, my brain offers some sage commentary, "If you had been first in line, you'd be dead you impatient* moron."

When I get frustrated with traffic and other drivers, a faint little voice in my head reminds me, "there might be a reason for your delay."**

*The word my brain actually used began with an F and ended in "ing".
** I'm no longer in such a rush that I feel compelled to be the first to arrive at the scene of my own fiery death.
Being crushed and / or punted half a block I also don't find so appealing.
Now I just leave one red light earlier.

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  1. Reminds me of something my FIL told me. "Never run to catch a flight. Might be a reason not to get on that plane"


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