Friday, June 7, 2013

Full circle

The lovely Belle and I met some 15 years ago, at work.
When we got engaged and later married, she moved on to other employment. There's a back story to that, too long, too irritating and mundane to go into now.
Belle got laid off from her most recent accounting job a few weeks back.
Yesterday was her first day back with us at the firm.  The prohibition against the employment of spouses has mitigated over the years. ( actually it retired with the "head" secretary / busybody some years ago.)
She's working with our spec writer and just happy as a clam to be back. Our spec writer is highly relieved to have the backup.  After a few temps with really bad work ethics and the concomitant attitude she was ready to pull her hair out.

I got to work before Belle this morning. I happened to walk past her desk later and winked at her when she looked up.
She blushed.

Brings back some fond memories of the illicit office romance so many years ago.


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