Thursday, June 20, 2013

Plural is plural

Either that, or whoever wrote this had Popeye teaching their ESL class.

Someone wrote this. Presumably, someone else reviewed it and approved it. Someone else received the copy to be printed on the sticker.
None saw anything wrong with it.
This is on a gas pump in front of a major grocery chain down here, not a one off stop 'n rob run by recent Pakistani immigrants.

Oh screw it.  Actually I couldn't care less. Just another symptom of the entropy consuming this country.  I'm so damn tired I can't even find my indignation and my lower grammar processor has totally gone tits up.


  1. I'll has to pay attention and See ifI can figure out which one.
    I think I have a guess.

  2. English as a third language.
    Or no English at all...



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