Friday, June 28, 2013

I think I need a Tattoo

I'm thinking a battle ship firing all its big guns, 8 x 10 inches or so right in the middle of my belly.
If I lose weight it will shrivel to 5 x 7. If I gain more weight it will blow up to tabloid size.*

 I hear that the endorphin rush from getting a tattoo is quit the shit.  All those little points of pain from the needle pricks over an extended period of time causes the endorphin release into the blood stream.
I can see why some get hooked on getting tattoos, the natural high and making you look all edgy and stuff.
Maybe not. Whichever way my body mass happens to go at this point, tattoos are just likely to make me look blurry.

It might be time for another Duval Crawl.**

*after thought - also might end up looking like a sinking ship.
** google Duval Street, Key West.


  1. I have one tattoo. Winged horse on my back that I drew myself years ago. I really enjoyed the process... maybe a little too much. I stayed away from getting any more 'cuz I was halfway afraid that I wouldn't stop until I was covered :)

  2. I have a close gal friend that has tatooos almost everywhere that is not visible In a sleeveless dress, or shorts, you'd not see them. The work is incredibly detailed and beautiful and it all flows together, not multiple different Tatoos that make one look like they just had stickers all over their body.

    he too mentioned it's hard to stop. Having a low pain threshold (perhaps a redheadthing) I will pass, but some of them can be stunning, on men or women.


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