Wednesday, July 17, 2013

blowing my hose

The drain hose from the condensate pan under the a/c evaporator clogged up a few days ago.  i became aware of this by way of wet carpet on the passenger side of my 18 mo. old scion.*
It took a while to find the drain tube. it comes out of the bottom of the firewall dead center in the vehicle.
A bit a design flaw I think, as the condensate water drips all over the uni-body frame at the bottom of the vehicle.
So me thinks I'm going to have to rig an extension to the hose.

As for my immediate problem, I am a pack rat. Amongst the rats I pack are random lengths of rubber hose left over from decades of shade tree auto repair.
So I held one end of a piece of hose to the drain tube and blew in the other end till I could hear bubbles in the condensate pane.  I even had presence of mind not to inhale post blow before removing the hose.
This worked perfectly well and the water drained just fine.
I have a big compressor and an air gun but for one, I didn't feel like messing with it, and two, I was afraid I'd blast the water in the pan right up under the dash inside the car.

Looks like I'm going to have to blow my hose every time I do an oil change just to make sure it stays clear.

* This is the first vehicle I've ever owned where this has happened, and after only 18 months.

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