Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gun Geo Marker

Gary at the Guns Over Texas blog writes about the Gun Geo Marker App.
It's for teh childrens protection.
"The app itself, as mentioned earlier, is on the Google Apps Play Store and free to any user. Users, according to the developer’s website, are anonymous. And once a location is marked, IT CANNOT BE UNMARKED,"
Great, let's create another map showing criminals where guns are.
"Stalbaum says he can’t be held responsible for the criminal miss use of his app"
I don't think I'd be willing to bet the farm on that Stalbaum. Not if evidence of a direct link between your little progtard app and a theft can be shown.  

Anonymous. Hmmm.  It cannot be unmarked.  Hmmmm.

While we may not be able to do anything in particular about this invasion of privacy, it can certainly be obscured.  Suppose every 2nd amendment loving gun owner were to get this little app and say, oh I don't know, mark random locations.  Frequently. Very frequently.
You know, random field, empty lot, desolate stretch of highway, the local crak house, Stalbaum's residence...

Do you suppose the data in the app might become unusable?

UPDATE: So I went to check this out at the google play store.  It seems others had the same notion.  And, gasp, false data was entered into the database.  The harrah!

Interesting, I also see that there is a Gun Free Geo Marker, which as you might ascertain, marks gun free locations.  The description of the app calls out Stalbaum by name.  You can read it here.


  1. I say it's find to get a few script kiddie and have it run through address lists and mark every address in all of the major cities. Make it useless.


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