Friday, July 12, 2013

Perry is not running for governor of TX again

My predictions from 30,000 feet:
Perry is going to take a really hard run at the presidency again. Hopefully not recovering from back surgery hopped up on pain killers this time.

The libtards will bring out the long knives. God forbid the governor of the one state that is providing half the new jobs in the entire country should be elected to the President's office.*

Our Lt. Governor is sure to take a shot at the Guv's office.  Seeing as Ted Cruz bitch slapped Dewhurst in the Texas race for the US Senate. And now, fortunately, Ted is up there kicking the shins of country club republicrats.  Dewhurst would have been another John McCain.

Our Attorney General, Greg Abbott, will make a run for the Governor's office.  He will, metaphorically,  eat David Dewhurst on the campaign trail.
I will snort, snark and laugh heartily. (not a prediction, a fact)

I will also never forgive my state senator, Dan Patrick, for endorsing David Dewhurst. The speed with which Dan's bible thumping, deeply religious pious soul got corrupted I found shocking. (that is also a fact, not a prediction)

*Just a friendly note to all you recent transplants with out of state plates still on your cars.  You shit your bed where you were. If you did not check your liberal politics at the border, please kindly deposit them in the refuse container prior to the next collection day. Do not, I repeat, do not place them in the recycle bin.  Liberal politics have been repeatedly recycled and they still do not work. I know, it's very hard, but it's time for the landfill.

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  1. The asterisk is what worries me the most about our beloved State these days. The more we shine, the more moths are drawn.


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