Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Naked Injustice

Zimmerman is acquitted of the charge of second degree murder.
The Federal Injustice Department is now bringing the unlimited resources of the U.S. Government to bear on this travesty of white white-hispanic on black crime.  A meeting by our illustrious Attorney General has been held, reaching out to anyone and everyone that can find some little shred of evidence that would allow a Federal hate crime suit to be brought against Zimmerman.*
And you thought NSA leaker Snowden was a man without a country?
This is precisely the type of oppression and tyranny the Founding Fathers of this great nation fought against.

Zimmerman's best bet is to sneak into Mexico, throw away all his I.D., cross the border and enter into the U.S. as an illegal alien, wherein he will he will become part of the  protected and politically correct demographic.

Exactly where do you go when the Federal Government and every hood rat in the country is gunning for you, and you don't have the threatened release of the other half the NSA's secrets for protection?

* This will hit the blogosphere in a major way tomorrow. Mark Levin was talking about it on his radio show this evening.

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