Saturday, July 20, 2013


Just saw it at an actual movin piture theater.
The lovely Belle and I are on an afternoon matinee date.
I liked it. But then I liked the first one too. - have the DVD.
Anthony Hopkins was a great addition to the cast for the sequel.

I have not been to a movie theater in forever.  Now I remember why.
And, the popcorn was stale to boot.
I enjoyed the movie nonetheless.
I will probably get the DVD for RED 2 as well.
We still watch the first one from time to time.


  1. Cool. We liked #1 too and have been looking forward to #2.

  2. Just saw the first one on Amazon - wanna go see #2.


  3. So many movies I'd like to see. So many dollars I don't want to spend. One of these days I'll have to add Red Box skills to my Netflix loading ones.

  4. I was an OK action film but a damn fine comedy. Definitely worth the price of admission.


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