Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Zimmerman is screwed

He's obviously on the move. He got pulled over in Texas today which made the news as far away as formerly Great Britain in the Daily Mail.
James Nye wet his panties over the fact that Zimmerman got pulled over for, gasp, speeding and, omg, had a gun in his car. Nye even used the phrase "Zimmerman, 29, who is white and Hispanic".
Thanks James all the same, we have our own race baiters over here. Hows about you focus on destroying what's left of your own country soon to be third world shithole.
I have news for you Jimmy. In the state of Texas, you don't even need a library card to carry concealed in your vehicle.  You on the other hand have...a cricket bat with which to defend yourself. Except that if you do defend yourself you will go to prison.
 In addition, while the media convicted Zimmerman long before his trial started, the state of Florida did not. Being licensed to carry concealed in Florida, Zimmerman has reciprocal rights in the Lone Star State.
Must have been a slow day out on the highway for him to get pulled over and given nothing but a warning and sent on his way.

So, not only does Zimmerman have the race baiters, hood rats and democrats (is that redundant?) nationwide after him, now the media, as far away as that miserable little island off the left coast of Europe is on the Zimmerman watch with the sole hope that some dipshit will kill him.
cuz the media said he's guilty, and a jewish hispanic black white racist.
They are just sure there is some white blood  somewhere in his gene pool.  There just has to be...right?


  1. My guess is the cop felt bad for the guy and decided to cut him some slack since no else will.

    I know I would have.

    I would have probably given him a pat on the back and told him that he does have people who believe him and that we don't all want to hang him.

  2. I think this is possibly a clever move by Zimmerman. First he emerges in Florida near where the shooting took place, a short while later not only is he in Texas but he has also let the world know he is armed. Anyone looking to harm him now has no idea where he really is and that he is expecting trouble.

  3. My thoughts were "Slow news day if that's the best you can come up with." and "I'd have the gun closer to me than the glove box."


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