Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dogs, Science and the Infernal Gubmint

Shaming your dog.
Sometimes, they deserve it, and don't tell me dogs have no self awareness or sense of right or wrong.
No impulse control?
I've arrived home to be greeted by the dog whereupon he immediately put his tail between his legs and put his sad puppy face on then skulked upstairs. Seconds later I'd find the trash can tipped over and the contents spread across the kitchen floor.
MMm, I bet that aluminum foil with a hint pork fat on it was just yummy.
If you watched him when you let him out to do his business in the back yard, he'd turn his back to you while he was taking a dump.

But to put silly hats on wild life, 
simply because they are "slow", and you can....in the name of science, is unconscionable.
You say potato, I say O' Top Hat*

* Tracking device glued to a Sloth's head.  Boy, that must have been some really, really boring electronic tracking. No, wait. Scratch that.  You could sit around, drink beer and check the tracking device, I don't know, like every 5 hours or so while getting paid from a huge Federal Gubmint Grant.
"Nope, he hasn't moved.  Who's making the next beer run?"
Sign me up!


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  1. Sloths... animals whose lives are so uneventful that moss actually grows on them.


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