Monday, September 9, 2013


So the problem with AC wasn't the breaker after all.
I did learn how to replace a breaker without frying myself like Wyle E. Coyote for 6 bucks and change, but it turned out to be strictly academic.
The reason the old breaker would not stay closed is because it was doing it's job.  The compressor on the other hand, was not.  Sometime last Friday afternoon, it overheated and fused all the electrical connections into one molten mass.
The good news was the condenser unit was only three years old and the compressor was still under warranty.  (Yay!)
The bad news was the labor to replace the compressor was not. (Boo!)
Overtime service charge for the tech to tell me, on Saturday, my compressor is hosed and a replacement cannot be had till Monday:  $144
Frigidaire window unit purchased at the local big box hardware store to reduce the melt of "still summer": $299.*
Labor charge to replace the compressor:  $800
Working Central A/C: priceless.

My debit card is weeping quietly in the corner right now.

* Might come in handy after the next hurricane.  The BAR Corp. HQ. emergency generator will run that little gem jest fine.


  1. I understand. Sorry for the bad luck though!

    1. Thanks K.
      The only silver lining is I had the cash to cover it. Having to put repairs like his on credit adds insult to injury.

  2. I am seriously waiting for mine to kick the bucket. It was put in when the house was built 10yrs ago so it is builder grade equipment. It has had starting cap replaced twice and is getting noisy. I just can't bring myself to do a preemptive replacement mid summer. Maybe in winter when the AC repair guys need work and I can work a deal.


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