Monday, September 16, 2013

Figures, the Naval Yard Gunman was from TEXAS!

Buncha crazy bible and gun clinging flat land hillbillies!
SSSSssss, oooh yeah, uhm that's not going to quite fit the appropriate white psycho domestic terrorist gun nut narrative.*
Don't we have something we can run about Snooky or Kim Kardashian?

Shall we start a pool to see which political party this nutcase belongs to? Or, which presidential candidate he voted for in the last two elections?  Making the bold assumption he voted...

I suggest a golf score pool.  The best guess on the lowest number of news stories, or shortest number of days this gets traction in the laimstream media wins.

* Hey spook computer nerds!  Just a shout out to my closest NSA "friends".

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  1. Oh, wait. update originally from New York and an Obama supporter.
    never mind.
    Media hasn't gotten so wet and frothy over this one have they?


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