Saturday, September 14, 2013

Range Date

Belle and I resurrected a BAR tradition that used to occur weekly before the great ammo shortage of '13.  A nice Tex-mex lunch at Elisia's and a jaunt to the shooting range.
We looked like we were going to war when we left the house.
Plan "A" was the rifle range to break in the "new to us" Mosin Nagants.
In the event that the rifle range was over-run by deer hunters sighting in for the upcoming deer season, plan B was to head to our indoor pistol range.  So we both had rifles, multiple pistols and  heavily ladened range bags.

Plan A worked out.  Yay! both the Mosins go Bang!  The iron sights are off quite a bit.  The bolts got a little sticky from time to time, but not bad.  I had shortened the springs on both of them. I did a little polishing on the bolt cam surfaces on one of them. The polished bolt did in fact work a bit better.
So I'll be polishing the unpolished bolt, and polishing the other some more.

The recoil pads, while not exactly cushy were worth the 15 bucks. The curved shape provided to the butt by the pads did help to mitigate the mule kick.
On each side of us at the range was a Dad with an 8 to 12 year old daughter. One with a .22LR, the other with a .223.  Heart warming. :-)

Happiness is a warm Mosin.

Belle GitSum.
Note the stylish pink earmuffs.
What you can't see is the devilish grin on her face.


  1. Yah ! Nice to see some old rifles back in service.

    What did you use to polish the bolt?
    Thinking I may go back and try that on one or two of my flock/herd of Mosins.

    1. Dremel tool with a buffing wheel on it, running at a pretty slow speed ... for a Dremel.
      The biggest bang for your buck would be to clip off an 1/8" of the firing pin spring, which I did on both.
      Rather than mess with the iron sights, I'm shopping for a scout scope and mount for mine now. :-)

    2. I've been looking at the Brass Stacker set up.

      Some claim it doesn't stay locked down, others claim better than sliced bread.

      Not sure if I want to remove the iron sights on mine or not just to add a scope; I do like back up.

      I have been thinking about taking one completely "Bubba" -- Archangel stock, Long Eye Relief sight, the works.

    3. Hah! You've got enough Mosins you could just carry a spare ;)


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