Friday, September 6, 2013


Of home ownership.
The dual 60 amp breaker feeding the outside unit on the air conditioning system gave up the ghost sometime this afternoon.*  Thank the gods it isn't the AC unit. I coughed up $6k to get that replaced 18 months ago.
If I can find a matching replacement in the morning, this should be a fairly easy fix.
The big IF is the only thing that concerns me.

 I bet I go to Lowe's and Home Depot and find hundreds upon hundreds of replacement breakers, none of which are, or ever have been installed in any house in the lower 48.  They will be dust covered and have manufacture dates of 1984 on them because no one has every bought one.**  They will also be randomly sorted into incorrect boxes by small children having picked them up and asked, "Daddy, what's this?"
"Put  That BACK!"
"K,  jeeze"

It's going to be a warmish night tonight.

*How do I know it's the breaker you ask? While trouble shooting I found the breaker in the off position. When I went to close it, it sort of made a half-hearted attempt to snap into the "on" position, threw up its little breaker hands, looked at me and said, "meh".

** A pessimist is just an optimist with all the facts.


  1. Ah, thankfully there are "Breaker brokers" out there. I have an obsolete FPL panel here and several at work. What do you need? Call me! Hell I may have it in stock at work.

  2. Cool, I'll drive over and pick it up! ;)

    1. No. Let me know what you are dealing with. I have connections to ship straight to your house if you cannot find one!

  3. Don't restart the unit until you have a good idea of why the breaker popped and or failed.

  4. And here I thought I had cornered the market on the kind of luck. Its only a couple of weeks until Fall... you won't need the AC then, right? ;)

    I know... we lived in southeast Texas for several years. Fall is like summer with no leaves on the trees.


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