Friday, March 29, 2013

Beer Thirty

Time for Cerveza Importada.
Stopped by the grocery on the way home for Red Beans and Rice fixins, some vino for Belle and a nice hoppy beverage for moi.
Picked up a sampler 12 pack of Mexican beer, most of which I've had before.
The one I haven't tried before is named "Indio".  As described on the label, " A darker colored lager, brewed with caramel malts."
It's pretty tasty. I like it. Shame there's only three two one left in the box.


  1. Beer Here Too! Molson Golden :)

    1. There's one I haven't had in a while. Molson was one of may favorites years ago.
      so many beers, so little time...

    2. That Indio was imported until like '85, then lost its distributor (at least here in Texas) and has just come back onto the market here. It's not available through all of Mexico, either.


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