Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Fractured Day

I had such finite plans for today.
I was going to focus on my small project to make some headway for a deadline next week.
The small one*, 26 million dollars that I'm single handing like a 26 foot sloop across the Atlantic.
I'm not sure what happened. I had a meeting with my Nashville team, then a conference call with some folks working on the small project, during which my son tried to call me. Not getting me on the phone, he texted to let me know he was at a gas station not far away, at the gas pump and his Jeep wouldn't start.
So, I'm trying to listen and talk on the conference call while texting back and forth with the man child.
The call wrapped up and I headed off to save the day.  I've nary a tool in the Scion and I'm thinking that I'm going to have to call my neighbor yet again to tow the Jeep and have his mechanics  breath some life into it.

I get the key and give it a good crank, no fire. At least I can smell gas, so it's not the fuel pump.
Pop the hood and start checking sensor connections. Check the wires routing into the fuse box under the hood. Pop the top on the fuse box and start pushing down on fuses. Hmmm, 30 amp fuse not seated all the way. Hmmm, 4 of 5 relays not seated all the way...by a lot.  Get back in turn the key and the Jeep coughs out the excess gas and sputters to life. 20 minutes round trip from the office and back.
I'm thinking, "awesome, I'm on top of it today."
Then things just kind of went to shit.
I can't recall what happened to my afternoon.
There were some phone calls, some email which needed response, then something, then something.
Around 5pm, I finally put some "lines on paper" for my small project. At 7pm I crapped out and went home.

*  Don't be impressed, there ain't a lot of Architorture in a 9000 square foot central plant expansion.


  1. I went to the gun shop and made sure he had sent his FFL to GWACS.


  2. I started coding on a new project. Then I was given an additional team member. The guy is coming of a system at it's end of life for primary usage and will stick around in a minimal stature. He is about like a cat in a rocking chair factory. Given his personnel issues I would be too. But I have to work him on my project and they guy needs a baby sitter. I am working on upstream functionality that I do not trust a noob to code and I can't give him downstream stuff to write until I have mine in place.
    Plus playing 20 questions. Not fun

    1. I love writing code. I can create something and test it in real time and it doesn't take 2.5 effing years to see the result.

  3. Ha. My weekends tend to go like that.

  4. Uh, yeah. You and I live the life huh?


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