Saturday, March 2, 2013

Dad shot well

Or is it "shot good"..whatever, my lower grammar processor has gone tits up.

I drove down to Clear Lake yesterday to visit my Dad.  We had dinner last night on the water and went to a shooting range*  near his house this morning.  He'd asked a while back if I'd come down and introduce him to pistol shooting - said he was considering getting something with a little more impact than his .22 pistol.
So we went through some basic safety instruction before we left for the range; proper grip and how to handle the firearm on the line, awareness of muzzle direction, etc, etc.  Most importantly I told him, when you are on the firing line, just go slow, because you will be nervous when we first start shooting.  He was, but he did go slow.
He was really pleased with his first two groups of five shots, so much so that he kept turning to smile at me with the pistol still in his hands.  I stopped him before he turned very much both times. I finally told him, you are shooting good, but do not turn around to me for approval with the gun in your hands.
Now if I can just break him of presenting the pistol like he's dueling with a musket, pointing the barrel upwards and bringing it down into his site picture.**
All in all, he did just fine on the firing line.  He struggled with the proper grip a bit.  I recall how awkward it felt when I first started shooting pistols and how natural it feels now.
I think he was pleased with his performance.  He kept his targets.
As we were leaving the range he said, "Did you see that lady's target two lanes down? There were no groups at all, it just looked like it had been blasted by a giant shot gun."
Yep, I saw that. I also saw her paint our target with her laser two times.
At least the little red dot wasn't on the wall next to us.
A little bit of proper instruction goes a long ways.

*Best Shot Range in Friendswood, TX. It's a really nice indoor range. I'd definitely go back.
 I will note however, that I should not have to ask for the range rules when I am asked to sign a document that states I have read the range rules.  The kid behind the counter had to track down the document on the computer and print them out.
Bad juju right there, from a range liability standpoint.

**Imprinting from watching too many Hollywood westerns where the gun slinger goes for the long range accurate shot with his six shooter, no doubt.


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    1. I really had to think about that. What IS wrong with dueling.
      I've come to conclusion; Nothing, as long as you are the "winner".


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