Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I think the washing machine is unhappy

at the BAR Corp. HQ.
It has recently begun attempts at walking out of the laundry room while in the spin cycle.
This is a relatively new development. It seemed quite content for so long.
Apparently its fragile self esteem isn't being fostered in a supportive way.*

* Or one of the feet has gone out of adjustment, or the foundation has, gasp, settled. I'm betting on the self esteem thing. The other two possibilities require my participation. The warshing machine is just going to have to butch up.



  1. Ha- reminds me of a story of when I was newbie homeowner, I experienced a washing machine "walk" across our tiny laundry room and pin itself against the closed door and wedge itself against the dryer. Trust me when I tell you that its was a lot of blood sweat and tears later before I was able to rectify the situation. The cause? My equally newbie head of laundry services overloaded the washing machine and sent it out of balance (my story). OR - It was never balanced properly by the domestic installation team (her story). When the case was presented to the court of public opinion it ended in a hung jury.

    1. lmao.
      SOP is to keep the laundry room door open for that very reason. Washing machine sits 90 degrees to the door, right next to the door jamb. If it walks out with the door closed, it would require the fireman's universal key* to get in.



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