Friday, March 29, 2013

I may need an Intervention

Belle has a Netflix account.
I discovered that I could watch Netflix on the Xbox 360. Hundreds of bad kung fu movies were at my beck and call.  Life was good.
Then I discovered that I could get the Netflix app for my Kindle Fire and watch bad kung fu movies upstairs while the Lovely, and loves her soaps recorded on DVR, Belle whatched her..uh, soaps, dancing with the stars and other assorted bad citcoms, on the big screen TV*.
While holed up in a hotel in Nashville cycling through crappy hotel cable TV channels (why the fuck is there no TV guide on crappy hotel TV cable!?!?) I wondered if there was a Netflix app for my smaht phone.
There was. And now, I have netflix everywhere.
As time has gone by, I have found myself gravitating to foreign films.  The stuff out of Hollywood being so predictable and mundane. Even movies with, gasp, subtitles.
I felt an urge to grow a pencil thin mustache the other day, but brushed it off. Then thoughts of how dashing I'd look in a beret crept into my mind. I realized I had a problem when I started fantasizing about skinny jeans.  The mental image of a Bartlett pear on two toothpicks snapped me right out of it, thank the Lord, but it was a dicey situation.
If I commencer à taper en français, please, someone slap me and take me to a gun range and put a pistol in my hand.

* if you hold your kindle or smaht phone close enough, the screen size appears the same as your whopping ass TV across the room. No, really try it sometime. When I discovered this I wondered why I spent so much money on the TV.

** I mentioned I have a sampler this evening earlier, yes? No apologies.


  1. My roomie is addicted to all things TV. I thought I was bad, until I moved in.
    Now it's satellite with all channels, Amazon, DVD, BD, LSMFT, everything! OH! FM radio and Sirius, too!
    AND a laptop, tablet and smart phone...
    If there's ever a EMF attack, she'll be heartbroken.


  2. I would offer to stage one but the Duck Dynasty Marathon is scheduled to start an hour after "The Big Bang Theory" stops running 10 episodes back to back.


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