Friday, March 15, 2013

Bumper crop

Got out of the car this evening to a cacophony of Morning Dove calls from the trees in the neighborhood.
Three hundred and sixty degrees they were coming from.
There was a male morning dove that used to roost on top of the streetlight next to the house, so fat he would cover the light sensor and the street light would never light up.  He was very lonely. Hoo hoo'ed constantly.  I named him dinner*.

I need to stock up on BBs and rubber bands.
forked sticks I can find anywhere.
In the suburbs, morning doves have so few predators, they barely know to walk to the side of the street as you drive to workl
If I can't run up and snap them senseless with a wet towel, a good old fashioned slingshot loaded with BBs will do the job.
Now that I think about it, some surgical tubing would not be a bad thing to have.

Have you ever shot a penny out of a wrist rocket?
Really a wicked sounding and random trajectory projectile.  Shooty, but kinda scary, goodness when you are a kid.

*If the shtf there won't be a bird of any kind with in walking distance of my house in very short order, including the newly nested Bald Eagles the next neighborhood over.  The Lovely Belle will Kavetch mightily over that comment, and perhaps pass on that meal.  That's fine. Go hungry, and you go kill something to eat.
Owls in the daytime,  you can grab by the neck and wring them. When they sleep, they are out, end of story. (I have one somewhere back in the blog posts.)
I have blogged in support of trying to save this great Democratic Republic via political means a number of times. Go ahead and hope to hasten the downfall in hopes of of rebuilding it. Once it is gone, it will never be regained in your lifetime, or your children's, or your grandchildren's. Ever.
And if it comes to that, and your are not a friend, stay off my lawn. If you know what is good for you.
DHS watchlist here I come...probably already on it.
Hi Guys!

It's the blue moon talking, I swear.


  1. I love mourning doves, but I have just a few. But what I find interesting is that while they look and sound soft, they do not play well with others. I've seen one just reach out a wing and whack another bird away from the feeder.

    1. Once the Oak in the front yard achieved adequate size, a female dove moved in. Presumabley the male is around somewhere as well, but I can't say I've ever seen him.
      She's built a nest there every year for quite some time now.


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