Saturday, March 9, 2013

New Range Date protocol

I miss the good old days, way back in 2012.  You know, back when you could find a case of 1000 9mm rounds on sale for 199.99.
Belle and I had our first Range Date Saturday this year. The great ammo shortage of 2013 has put a real crimp in our shooting frequency.
We've come to the conclusion that we are going to have to scrounge ammo to rebuild reserves.  Our shooting range has 9mm for patrons of the range, so we each bought three boxes, shot two and brought one home.
No more grabbing two or three boxes out of the case and heading off to the range. A new protocol has been instituted.  Each range trip now has to net one box incoming to the BAR Corp. HQ.

Last year we shot just about every weekend. We added up our range fees for the year and discovered that an annual membership would save us a few hundred bucks, so we became annual members back in  December.  A day late and a dollar short.
Six boxes of ammo and  two extra targets came to $103 and change.  Inflated ammo prices are going to rapidly consume any savings on range fees.
Oh well.  Today was still chock full of shooty goodness.

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  1. Local indoor range near Bunker BS has been there decades.
    And for decades has had a policy of only allowing ammo purchased there to be shot on the range.

    Until last month.
    Now they just check with a magnet to make sure it isn't steel cored and you can bring your own.
    Find this out trying to help my niece find a pistol for CHL.

    Oh, the range is also part of a gun store. yeah, they are out of ammo


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