Friday, March 15, 2013

What we have here is a failure to communicate

Subtitle: Huh? What?
Belle on the cell phone while I'm driving:  What do you want to do about dinner?
kx59: I don't know, what's in the freezer?
Belle: I don't know.
kx59: Are you home? Go look.
Belle: Why don't you just get Popeye's
kx59: Nah, I don't want pot pies. I'm going by the grocery on the way home, I'll call you back when I get there.
ring ring: Hey you need anything from the store?
Belle: No, why don't you just get Popeye's for dinner.
kx59: I Don't Want Pot Pies. I'll pick up something to cook.
Belle: Well, ooookay.

Get home, get a few groceries out of the car, haul my work crap out for the weekend, feed yappy dog and stupid cat and now I'm on the couch just in time for happy hour at the BAR Corp. HQ with a blue moon in hand.

On the couch:
Belle: So what are we having for dinner?
kx59: I got some skinless chicken breasts and fettuccine  I've got fresh spinach in the fridge and a Knor alfredo sauce mix in the pantry...chicken and spinach fettuccine alfredo.
Belle: you should have just gotten Popeye's
Belle: Chicken
Brain says: Yes I do in fact know pot pies containing chicken can be purchased. I don't want pot pies.
Belle: You know, Pot Pies...Love that chicken from Popeye's

kx59: oh.
Of all the things I wish I could do over, it would be shooting that custom .357 mag revolver after the dove hunt near Del Rio as a teenager without hearing protection. The ringing never stopped.

I still don't want pot pies or Popeye's. Clear the kitchen kx59 is cooking tonight.
And, later....googling hearing aid stores within 25 miles of the BAR Corp. HQ.
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