Friday, March 29, 2013

The Alternative

Alternative Country / Blues that is.

Two of my faves from the Cowboy Junkies below. Apologies for the add at the, ya know.
I've been searching for their cover of Gram Parson's "Ooh Las Vegas" mp3 for a while and finally just broke down and bought the tribute CD, "Return of a Grievous Angel".
First up, "Common Disaster", followed by "Ooh Las Vegas".  I hope the CD arrives before I have to drive to Austin in a couple of days. Good drivin music.
Not to mention Margo Timmons has that "girl next door" thing going big time. <I said that out loud, didn't I...shit>


  1. I saw the Cowboy Junkies back in 2004 at Wolftrap here in the DC area and it was the start of a magical night, one of those ones you look back on fondly and smile to yourself. Hearing "Southern Rain" puts that smile back on my face.

    1. She has a decidedly smokey southern girl sound to her voice in that song doesn't she?
      Not bad for a canuck, eh?


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