Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cleaning the Mosin

De-Cosmolining actually.
Today was 9 hours of working on the Austin project interspersed by periodically going out to the garage to jiggle the pan of Mosin parts soaking in mineral spirits.  That, and re-position the lawn sprinkler.*

Man, that rifle is simplicity defined.

Time to extract the parts from soaking and start brushing, wiping down, and oiling.

Prepare for the Doctor's secret handshake.

Still more cleaning to do on the barrel and stock, which will give me something mindless to do in the evenings over the next few days.  And, I have a whole 'nuther Mosin to strip down and clean.  :-)

Wish I had a ginormous ultrasonic cleaner. I saw on youtube where some guys have bungied an electric sander to the side of a rubbermade tub to agitate the cleaning solution for auto parts. Years ago I had the  idea to attach an audio speaker to a metal tub for the same purpose.  Never tried it though. Certainly not ultrasonic, but some agitation is better than none.

* We had a 68% chance of rain today. I was certain if I started to water the grass, it would rain.
Nary a drop.


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  1. The field finally got cut on Wednesday, and it hasn't stopped raining since.


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