Friday, August 30, 2013

How to accumulate tools


Home projects require at minimum two trips to the hardware store.
Automotive repairs / projects require at least two trips to the auto parts store.
Sometimes they require deep googling and impatient waiting on a UPS delivery of a part or hard to find special tool.

I'll be doing some polishing on the cam surfaces of my Mosin bolt this weekend. The file marks are so bad I can see them without my glasses on.

I ran my Dremel to destruction a while back cutting out a small bolt in a tight space on the Sonnage's Jeep.

It seems I'm now in need of a new Dremel tool. :-)

The bonus is that Scooter, my oldest granddaughter is coming to stay with us over the long weekend.
Scooter, her younger sister and my daughter stopped by to visit Belle the other day.  Scooter was very interested in the table set up at the back of the family room.
"What's all the stuff for?"
"Paw Paw is cleaning the rifles we just got"

The Paw Paw / Scooter project for the weekend is going to be field stripping, and cleaning the other Mosin Nagant.

Every well bred, well educated young lady should know how to field strip a Mosin, IMHO.


  1. I was never much good at using tools. But, I did have a few, as you suggest, acquired as needed by the project.
    Mostly gone now, taken when the gun safe was stolen.


  2. I'm always a little nervous when it comes to shade tree gunsmithing. Shade Tree mechanic I'm on it.

    The wife complains when I tell her I need tools for her projects. That's how I have gotten most of my wood working tools. It's was going to be really hard to rebuild her great grandma's dining room table and serving table without a router and drum sanding attachment.
    Routers, sanders, saws, nail guns have all come from home projects.

    1. I take the "first do no harm" approach.
      Something like drilling and tapping for a scope mount I would leave to a pro.
      polishing a cam surface, or shortening a spring I know I can easily replace if I screw it up is fairly safe territory.


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