Monday, August 12, 2013

Jaw Saw

Worx Jaw Saw.
I bought one. Yeah, I know, it's an infomercial tool, but it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick!
Bought it on Amazon.
It actually works pretty well. I turned a big pile of branches I pruned off the trees 4 months a while ago and left in a pile in the back yard, into itty bitty sticks.  Living in suburbia, I can't burn 'em or just pile them up on the curb for pickup.
The pile of branches is now neatly tucked away in my municipal utility district approved trash can.
You aren't going to cut down any trees with it, but it's not intended for that anyway.  Well, maybe a wayward china berry sapling.
It is reasonably well constructed, although the advertised self adjusting chain tensioning system doesn't actually self adjust without some assistance.*
Pruning is like eating Lays potato chips.  You can't just eat one.
Before you know it you've got a massive pile of branches. The pruning is the fun part.
The branch cleanup sucks.  Less so now.
Aside from the chain adjustment, the only other downside I found to the tool was the lack of an air conditioner to keep me from perspiring...heavily.

 *don't tell me I'm doin it wrong. I read the instructions and everthin


  1. I've thought of ordering one of those but in the long run I'll settle for old fashion bow saws and chain saws.

    There is just something of the prepper in my that says having an electric saw may not be the best idea - especially when trees have been known to take out power lines.

    More work but easy to maintain.

  2. I just learned a wonderful tip when it comes to pruning. Use a 9" or 12" pruning blade in your reciprocal saw (sawsall). Since I don't do any hardcore demolition I have a Craftsman C3 19.2v battery operated one. Great for those branches too small to bother with the chainsaw. Also great for stuff on or near the ground.

    1. What a great idea!
      I've got a chainsaw, but it sucks at cutting up bunches of small branches laying on the ground.

  3. Watched the video - the thing reminds me of something out of 'Alien'. But it's tempting. I have to do major pruning back after it freezes and Mr. Copperhead goes to sleep for the season, and that looks like it would give me reach and lessen the possibility of me cutting one of my own limbs off.


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