Friday, August 16, 2013

Ever get that weird feeling?

That either something good, or bad is about to happen?
I'm going with the "good" part of that.

I've had three people that I've not seen in quite some time ping me in email  this week wanting to get together.

A long time friend, one of my architorture acolytes that left after ten years and went to the dark side, and became, gasp, a contractor.

A landscape architect I worked with beginning 13 years ago in California.  He happens to be in Houston for a while, ultimately headed to Boston to open a new office there.

One of my most influential and favorite professors from  my college days called me out of the blue. I was kind of expecting a pitch for a donation, or a request to come judge a design charette for the students.
There was none of that.   I answered the phone and he said,"this is Rodney" and I knew who it was like it was yesterday.
He'd run across an old newspaper clipping he'd kept. An article and pics of a bunch of wood carvings we'd done, as students in his class at a  park in College Station.  One of the pics was of me.
I cannot say what I did in his design class that made such an impression on him so many years ago, that he would call me 30 years plus later.  I did work my ass off in his class though.

Oh. shit. It just dawned on me.
It's not me this is about.  I think Rodney's time might be nigh.
I think I may have to make a short road trip Sunday.


  1. Yes, go see, Rodney this weekend ...we never know when an opportunity to make someone's day might be our last.



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