Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Mosin conversation

Bob posted up that a fresh batch of Mosin Nagants were available at Military Gun Supply.
Bob has a scary collection of Mosins, of which I've had the displeasure pleasure of shooting.
Brutal rifle to shoot. 7.62 x 54R round fired out of the most un-ergonomic boomstick ever produced.
I want one.
And so does the Lovely Belle. She has mentioned this on more than one occasion.
It so happens that Belle is headed up Bob's way to visit friends in a week.

And, I find I'm having to "lobby" for a short diversion from her weekend activities to buy not just one, BUT TWO, Mosins.


Someone talk some sense into this woman......plz?


  1. I'll be glad to act as local guide and provide assistance as needed in hauling items to vehicles.

    Perhaps I should also mention that MGS often has cases -- wooden, heavy, two spam cans per -- case of 7.62x54R ammunition available.
    Right next to the rack of Mosins.

    Doesn't someone have a beloved rifle that also shoots that round?

    Lobby Plan B - given that not long ago 91/30s were available for purchase at prices from $79.99 to $99.99; consider any purchases as a prudent financial investment.

    Even if you consider the increases from $119.99 -- current prices of $139.99 --show a return over 15%. If you go top end of $189.99; you are looking at over a 50% return on investment.

  2. Find her a M-44 carbine. Ergonomics are the same as the 91/30, but they balance a bit better and the shorter barrel makes for even more impressive fireballs from the muzzle. Double ear protection is always an option.
    Actually, I prefer my M-44 over the Lee-Enfield No.4Mk1. For some reason the Enfield bruises my shoulder (both have metal butt plates) and has more muzzle flip than the M-44. Putting a hundred rounds through either of them is good for a day-long grin, but you won't be using your shoulder much the next day.


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