Thursday, August 29, 2013

Some Chicks Like Big Guns

Belle finally got around to getting her Tokorev taken care of.  There was some mild pucker factor around the BAR Corp. HQ. for a few days as the gunsmith working on her beloved SVT 40 had misplaced the mag. This is the original mag issued with the rifle.  While that was going on I went online looking for some additional mags and bought two.
All is well that ends well.  The original mag was located and the day Belle went by to pick it up she took "Natasha" to the range and ran a few rounds through her.

She texted the image below to me at work.  (mumble, grumble)
Looks like the tango is down to me.

Belle noted that the "new" mags would not fit in the Tok.
The original is in the center.  The two recent additions are to the left and right.*

Belle said it seemed to be the square nubs on the back of the mags. while not clear in the pic, the nubs are slightly taller than the original mag.
Not sure what I'm going to do, return the mags or take a file to the nubs.
I haven't personally inspected, nor tried to insert the mags into the Tok yet. So I'll do my own test fit before I make a decision.
To my own credit and sometimes detriment, I've not much fear of  modding things.
I'm no Redneck Engineer, but you know, Fools tread where angels fear to go.

* Yes, bed wetters, the "mag clip thing that goes up" on the right is in fact "loaded".
I bet if I dropped it on the floor in front of you, I could get a brown note out of you.


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