Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The replacement arrived


There, there. It will all be better soon.

This should be a quick Saturday fix. The hardest part will be figuring out how to disassemble the plastic pan on the bottom side of the car to get to the fog lamp.
Then it's off to have the windshield replaced.  My wallet moaned when it saw the price, but my little car  gets very little respect as it is. It is much too young to let it go all ghetto already.

Also slated for this weekend are adventures in washing a black car with hard water in 100 degree heat.
I have an experiment in the works, a test if you will, of a method to reduce water spots.  We shall see.
More on that later.

* caught a rock at 70+, which makes me wonder; what does that feel like when you are riding a motorcycle and it's not the lamp that picks up the one hop grounder but your torso?


  1. It hurts. A lot. At speed, a grasshopper feels like a bullet :)

    1. I don't even want to imagine.
      top speed in fifth gear on my bike as a kid, I took a bumble bee right in the forehead. Neither me, nor the bumble bee found it to be a good experience.

  2. A June bug between the eyes at 80 almost knocked me off the bike one day. That's why I wear safety glasses always when riding.

    But stinging bugs are the worst. had one get inside my jacket once and it stung me 6 times before I could get stopped.

    1. Ah, the open road.
      Wind in your hair.
      Wasps in your jacket.
      It sounds so alluring. ;)


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