Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Behind Enemy Lines

I like to get my news (for a lack of a better term) from various sources so that I can have some variety and so that I can have an informed (again, lack of a better term) opinion regarding politics.

This morning, while conducting my daily job search, I had Good Morning America on the tube and political analyst Democratic media puppet, George Stephanopolis was talking to another puppet about the choices for a Republican candidate for 2012.

It was said that with Huckabee and the Donald out of the picture that there is no one left to fire up the base.


I don't know what 'base' they are referring to, but Trump only fired up the birthers and even then, many of the birthers were skeptical.  Huckabee isn't what I would call someone who could fire up a BBQ pit, much less a voter base.  He's not what the 'base' is looking for.

I just their perception of the voter base is way off and it would be laughable if it wasn't so damned insulting.  Of course with shows like 'Swamp People' on the History Channel, I guess I can understand why they think that we're all a bunch of hicks who will fall in line with a buffoon like Trump.

We are looking for a fiscally conservative, pro liberty, pro individual choice candidate.  I stick by Ron Paul and Herman Cain, maybe Bachman, the jury is still out on her.

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  1. I like Herman, alot. I wouldn't mind a Bachman VP slot for her, but I think it would have to be in that order--Cain/Bachman.

    We need a businessman at the helm. Desperately. Bachman knows politics--enough--that she can steer the administration through the murky points, plus she'd be a vote in our favor in the Senate.

    We NEED Cain's savvy, experience and character.

    Ron Paul doesn't do it for me. Just doesn't. His son is okay, but daddy is too big of a kook in some areas, especially the military--and he'll have a hard time getting the veteran vote unless our only choice is Paul versus Obama.

    Then, you'll see a lot of write-ins for "Who gives a damn?"



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