Thursday, May 5, 2011

Reality Cable TV

So I got toxed on Hannity drooling over the rhino candidates pretty quick and switched channels.
I find myself viewing a show named "Sold!" midstream.
The camera crew is interviewing the old couple that owns the business. They are hoping to get enough money to build their mansion in Nicaragua.
The next camera shot is of a convenience store in the middle of east bumfuck nowhere.
The next scene is the host / auctioneer trying to sell the whole kit and kaboodle for $125,000.
No takers, so they go to auctioning the contents of the store.
The thing that compelled me to post was the interview with one of the auction attendees, who said he bought a deer head and five quarts of oil.
I am laughing my ass off as I it comes...that word
and so, the shows ratings went up by .00000000000001% because I stopped to look and my brain went "you're shittin' me..."

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