Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tiring but a job well done....

Well, today was our first official swim meet and it was a good day.  I'm tired and my feet are killing me, but the meet went relatively smooth and I didn't make any kids cry.

I did get really tickled though during the last few events of the meet, the free style relays.  The 7-8 year old girls were swimming their relay and the cheering that was going on was really amazing.  Usually, the loud cheering goes on during a close race but only for the older kids.  This was a close race, but the cheering that went on was phenomenal.

I laughed at all the mayhem and then I got a little choked up with tears.

The older kids crack me up though, the kids that are in the side lanes ALWAYS do their best to splash the referee when they dive in at the start.  It's actually refreshing and my 15-18 year old boys always seem to forget that I don't mind the splash, which results in disappointment on their end.

All in all it was a good day.  Soon my better half and I are going to the garden center to try and find some veggie plants.  It's going to be tomatoes, cucumbers and bell peppers.  YUMMY.


  1. Oh, the memories. . .

    I was swimming in AAU back in the late 60's, did the whole TAGS thing, then swam UIL in high-school.

    Swam everything except for breaststroke, although my last two years of UIL competition had me in the 200IM almost every single meet.

    Our high school meets, the itinerary was ingrained forever. My senior year in the late 70's, I swam the butterfly leg on the medley relay to kick off the meet (best split time: 26.2), then the 200IM (1:50.3 and could never crack that magical one minute, fifty-second mark), then the 100 butterfly (53.8) and then I was done. You could only swim two individual events and one relay, or two relays and one individual events.

    In AAU, you can swim up to five individual events and two relays. Made for a grueling day.

    At least all that swimming made my frogman/water work in the military a helluva lot easier. If only the same could be said about the running on the beach. . .

    Competitive swimming. Good stuff.

  2. Yes it is, I love to watch it and the kids are great.

    53.8 in the 100 fly? amazing time!


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